It’s been a while

Hi. It's crazy to think that there was a time when I blogged every single day. Back in 2016 and 2017, I swoon over fictional men was my absolute everything. Every single day, regardless of what I was doing, I'd be interacting with people from all across the world, be it in the comment section of … Continue reading It’s been a while

Happy New Year!

Have a good one, whatever you're doing! Me and my boyfriend are steering clear of crowds and overpriced bars and have elected to stay home, drinking gin and watching movies. All's been quiet on I Swoon Over Fictional Men since I started my new job, but I just haven't had the energy to post. I … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Anxiety update

Hey, guys. How's everyone doing? I'm not sure how many people stop by my blog anymore because I hardly post anymore, but I figured it might be good to post an update. I was once a very active member of the book blogging community and, truth be told, I miss it so much it hurts. … Continue reading Anxiety update


It's 21:53. I'm home alone...and my mind is loud. My mind is screaming at me and my thoughts need out. First off, I'm sorry for being shit. I haven't blogged or looked at any blogs in nearly a month. I've been busy. I've been depressed and I'm not sure if I even feel like a … Continue reading Vent

My current reads

So very exciting, I know! I can feel your jealousy, guys. It's so potent it burns! Sarcasm aside, I'm having a break tomorrow night and intend to catch up on the recent posts I've missed. I also have an upcoming review! Hope everyone's good in the World of WordPress. In a bizzle, peeps ❤️