Hey! I’m Jazz. I’m an avid reader and aspiring writer. Around a year or so ago, I stumbled upon a book by popular paranormal romance author, Nalini Singh. Initially, I was convinced it wouldn’t be – as we British put it – “my cup of tea”.

I’d never been so wrong in all my life. Soon, I found myself ensnared by the deeply complex yet completely relatable characters. I found myself rooting for them. I found myself laughing with them. Hell, sometimes I even found myself crying with them (and I mean, sobbing-uncontrollably-and-needing-a-hug kind of crying). I devoured Nalini’s Guildhunter series and I’m currently eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series. The feeling of turning onto that first page is akin to being reunited with old friends.

And I’m constantly discovering other series that induce similar feelings within me. Perhaps, together, we can find a book or series that does this for you πŸ™‚