Jazz’s moment of brag

Okay…so I know I shouldn’t brag, but I know some of you are aware of my struggles with my university course, so I have some good news! After literally crying over my grammar classes and having to do a shit ton of extra revision…I passed the exam! I only got 55% but for something I struggled with so badly, I’m really super happy! I would say I’ll be happy to never see another grammar book again but I’m currently surrounded by three hefty tomes of grammar for my next assignment 😛


20 thoughts on “Jazz’s moment of brag

  1. Woohoooo! A pass is a pass and well done! Nothing is ever easy going- I would know- every time I expect an easy day that goes according to my plan _ end up feeling like shooting myself before noon because there’s always more to everything that we want/expect… 🙂 Shoddy comparison, but I totally get it… once the peak of the hardship has been passed, celebrate the accomplishment and take on the next obstacle! x

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  2. Well done Jazz ❤ I hope this success makes your future endeavors a bit easier now that you have seen you can do it 🙂 I hope that sentence makes sense haha. What, I am trying to say, is sometimes a little boost/victory can really carry over the hump. Good job!

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