My new blogging schedule

Hey, guys!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting anywhere near as much lately and there’s a number of reasons for that, feeling down/uni assignments/tiredness to name but a few.

I’ve decided to try and be a bit more organised with my time and try and get back up to speed with things. I know some of you will say “But it’s only a hobby, don’t sweat it!”, but my lack of activity on the blogosphere has been giving me a lot of anxiety. I feel bad that I haven’t been commenting on other people’s posts anywhere near as much as I used to and because I’ve made some great friends through blogging, I worry about losing those friendships.

So I’m going to maybe do one review/post once a week and comment on other posts on another day of the week. I’m going to be trying this system for the next couple of weeks to see how it works. I’m doing a review tonight and then tomorrow I’m going to be catching up with other people’s blogs, so please don’t be angry if I don’t get round to your blog tonight. I’m trying my best and I’m sorry for being shit.

Thanks for understanding 

25 thoughts on “My new blogging schedule

  1. No apologies, Jazz! Of course you’re missed, but I suppose it’s okay to have a busy life outside of blogging. Sure hope things are going well for you. School is wonderful, school is great, school is important; but school can also suck like a giant mosquito-infested black hole. I suppose the same can be applied to life at times as well.
    Stay strong! You are a champion!

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    1. Haha I like that description; a giant mosquito-infested black hole! It just takes up so much more time than I thought it would and I find in the evenings I’m just too tired for anything. I’m really hoping this new schedule will help me to be a bit more organised so I can blog at least once a week.
      Thank you for your faith in me! I like to think I’m a champion 😀

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  2. Sup Sproggy!😂

    Am I allowed to comment on this post as I sit firmly in the and I quote “but it’s only a hobby, don’t sweat it!” group??🤔 My own blogging sucks at the moment anyway so I’m definitely not the best person to even offer an opinion, too much nonsense, too much drama (if I’m the perpetrator then cool but drama which is technically babies being f#ckwits then nah), just not felt like it since I was ill and I’d rather be reading means my blogging blows.😂

    Sh#t happens, life gets in the way, blogging is only a hobby, oh sh#t I went there and wrote it.😂 You shouldn’t feel anxious over it but it can’t be helped if you do. Though I will say this and I believe everyone will agree with me, so young Sproglet, listen to this sage like wisdom and advice from a foul mouthed old reprobate. If you lose any friendships you’ve made because you aren’t commenting on posts or blogging as much then they ain’t friends or even blogging acquaintances, they are just bloggers who don’t want to know you or interact because you haven’t been liking their oh so boring and sad posts – can you see why I’m not liked in this community!😂 Stick with those that stick around and f#ck the rest.

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    1. Of course you’re allowed to comment ;P I think you’re pretty sage-like when it comes to the matters anyway! I’ve missed so much. You were ill!? Are you okay now?
      Yeah, I’ve seen some of the dramas you’ve been facing in the blogosphere on FB. People are idiots and are too quick to get on their high horses unfortunately 😦
      Thank you addressing the fact that it can’t be helped if I do feel anxious about. I find anxiety manifests in ways that seem really trivial to other people and they often think a “You don’t need to be anxious about THAT!” solves it.
      It’s always good to get an outsider’s perspective on the things I’m worrying about because very often they can see to the truth of the matter…and you’re completely right. If someone stopped talking or interacting with me solely because I’ve been too busy to blog as much as I used to, then it says more about them than it does about me. It shows that they’re in it for the likes and statistics and nothing more. If you can’t offer them anything on a statistical level, they’re not interested and those kinds of people are toxic! Ain’t nobody got time for that!
      Haha if people dislike you, perhaps it’s a case of them finding an uncomfortable truth in the things that you blog about…which again, says more about them 😛

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      1. Ha, I always like to offer my sagelike wisdom even though I usually go against the grain but yes, it says far more about them. Sadly, there seems to be a growing number of toxic idiots in the community. The best ones being the ‘I blog this way, it’s the right way and I’m awesome, if you don’t do what I do then you are a bad blogger’ nonces, gggrrr.😠

        Yeah, I had a virus, nothing major but it really made me feel ill, I had a migraine for about a week that turned into a virus for a fortnight and it did me in, made me so tired and lethargic. Sadly, I didn’t have time off work because the managers are c#nts and unless you are part of their little clique of well liked workers it’s far too much hassle and not worth it. I still have a slight cough even now and it’s a month now since the initial virus.😂

        Ha, drama, FFS, I’m happy to be involved with drama when I am the perpetrator and instigate it. Not too happy when it’s an author being all ‘I am god’ cos it annoys me as really, blogging isn’t my job ergo it can’t possibly be my job to have authors on my blog cos blogging isn’t a job. Oh, and manners cost nothing, it’s my blog, just because I swear, use sarcasm and puns in MY posts it doesn’t mean that they can be asses in contact. Seriously, out of all the book bloggers I’m probably one of the last ones that they should give hassle to as others just accept it, don’t mention it, etc whereas I rant back and tell them the truth.🤘😂

        Blogging drama though, sigh, this recent stuff had nothing to do with me. I was on a blog and SM break last weekend when it all went down. I’ve tweeted some stuff in the week that might have offended the other person but I don’t mention names, it was just generic tweets about the community but involved, me, nope. This time I am innocent and purely guilty by association as I get on well with the other blogger involved.

        Yep, true as well, it shows more about them than me and that’s fine, I’m happy to be hated especially when I write the truth.😂

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      2. Yeah, most definitely and the sad thing is, most of us initially sought refuge in blogging to get away from those types of toxic people in the real world 😛 Their behaviour and attitude is so pointless. You’d think it would take way more energy and effort to berate people for simply being them and having their own style than it does being a semi decent person and accepting their different way of doing things.
        Jeez, that sounds horrendous! Surely you would have been a health hazard!? Idiots! If that happens again, you should maybe see about going to the doctor and seeing if you can get a sick note. If you’re still suffering with the after effects of it now, a month on, it was obviously real fucking nasty and warranted you needing time off 😦 Winter’s just around the corner so make sure you stock pile the vitamin pills so you don’t get sick! You old folk and winter and all that!
        The whole authors being asses thing really baffles me. I know I’ve only self published one short poetry collection and I know I shouldn’t judge everyone against my own standards…but I just couldn’t imagine even for one second thinking it okay to talk to a blogger in such a way! Being a dick and acting like you’re all high and mighty really won’t get you and your book anywhere and I don’t get why that’s so difficult for some people to understand!
        If people were getting offended by a generic tweet then they obviously have a guilty conscience…they could see themselves in what you’d written it would seem! Truth hurts haha


  3. Jazz, you’re not shit. You’re living! life is full of tons of different things that take priority and you could never lose the friendships… what have been formed, cannot be unformed! 😀 Man, that’s deep, yo! But truly- do not be putting too much pressure on yourself, it’ll only serve to tire you out more and I and many others will always be here for you when you need us and are ready to come back in full force! 🙂 take care! ❤

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    1. That’s very deep, but also very true and very comforting to know ❤ I couldn't bear the idea of losing contact with you guys! I'm not around as much at the moment (I have three assignments coming up and have been doing loads of reading), but I still want to chat, be it through comments on WP or over on FB ❤
      How are things with you? ❤

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  4. Maybe have a schedule of sorts will help! I was feeling super guilty over being too sick all of the time. I decided to make Sunday my “writing” day where I predraft as many posts as I can and then I try to visit one or two other days a week. It helps me a lot. Wishing you all of the best my dear friend. Will always be here for a chat if needed ❤

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  5. Nope it did not. I was saying a schedule really helped me so maybe it will you. I was.feeling incredible guilt for being sick always. So now I draft as many posts as I can on Sundays. Then one or two other days I try to blog hop as my health allows. Always here for a chat if you need ❤

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    1. That’s an excellent idea actually. I could maybe write a review and another non-review post and schedule them for posting across the week. I might just try that and see how it goes 😀 I know I put this pressure on myself and I never know why because everyone is so understanding and has been nothing but lovely. Hope all is good with you ❤ ❤ ❤

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