Jazz dabbles in spoken word poetry

Why do I always title my posts in the third person, like my non-existent PA drafts them up for me?

Anyway, here’s a short ten minute recording of me attempting spoken word poetry and a bit of general chit chat (excuse the naughty words, I’m not the squeaky clean, sweet and innocent persona I exude in my writing)

Have any of you guys dabbled (love that word) in spoken word poetry? Tell me about your experiences!

Check out my attempt here.

9 thoughts on “Jazz dabbles in spoken word poetry

  1. Nice work πŸ™‚ Blank is a good poem. Relax, you’ve got a good voice for spoken word πŸ™‚ also i like the unpolished aspect of this recording haha. Like when you stop and start again in the second poem (“is it ‘legged’ or ‘leg-ged?'”)

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