August in books

Well, like July, I didn't read too much in August. I read three books. In all honesty, though, I've been struggling with my mental health for the past couple of months. I've had depression and anxiety for well over a decade and both just seem to have been a lot worse recently. I'm on medication … Continue reading August in books

Convenience versus the independent bookshop

My partner and I decided to venture into Glasgow city centre on Friday after steering clear of it for pretty much the entirety of the pandemic thus far. After having some lunch, we went to the Savoy Centre on Sauchiehall Street, which is one of the city centre's main shopping streets. Inside, we were met … Continue reading Convenience versus the independent bookshop

Review anxiety

Other book bloggers get review anxiety, right? I've spent the past three hours trying to write a review and I've literally written two short paragraphs (and deleted a whole lot more). This is a book that's generally been very well received and I myself absolutely loved it. I guess I'm worried that I'm not gonna … Continue reading Review anxiety

International Women’s Day 2021 – My Favourite Books About Women

It's International Women's Day, a day when we celebrate women - past and present - and their achievements. It's not just a day about recognising and celebrating achievements, though. It's also about the women who are fighting a daily battle for equality. Here in the UK, we live in a patriarchal society. In September 2020, … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2021 – My Favourite Books About Women