Friend: So, basically you read fictional porn?

Me: No, paranormal romance. 

Friend: So…fictional exotic porn?



Okay, okay. I get this is a genre that leaves most people feeling somewhat bemused and that’s fine, it’s not for everyone…but I must have spent about 30 minutes last night trying to explain exactly what paranormal romance is and it simply kept coming back to the phrase ‘fictional exotic porn’. It saddens me that this a genre that is mocked so openly. It’s as legitimate a genre as any other and I get so tired of the teasing I receive because of it. I just wish people could be respectful, y’know? Yeah, you don’t like it but you know what? I don’t like reading biographies. Do you hear me bitching about it? Do you hear me mocking it? No. I respect that they instill happiness and pleasure in other people if not me.

Rant over. Anyway, anyone got any exciting plans for the weekend?