My 2021 Reading Goals

New year, new books. A lot of readers set themselves some sort of goal when January arrives, be it reading a certain amount of books by 31st December, or pushing themselves out of their literary comfort zones and delving into unfamiliar genres. I have a couple of general readerly goals for 2021; I want to … Continue reading My 2021 Reading Goals

Latest book buys – 29/08/20

Did I read all of the books mentioned in my previous Latest book buys post? You bet I didn't! I'm three quarters of the way through Flowers in the Attic (what a bitch that grandmother is!), I didn't finish Let's Go Play at the Adams' and Midnight Sun is still sitting on my side table. … Continue reading Latest book buys – 29/08/20

DNF: ‘The Trickster’s Lover’ Samantha MacLeod

Caroline Capello doesn't take chances. Until a god appears in her bedroom. Loki, the irresistibly sexy Norse god of fire and lies, doesn't get attached. When he appears in Caroline's apartment late at night to upend her studious world, both the god and the mythology graduate student assume one passionate night together is all they'll … Continue reading DNF: ‘The Trickster’s Lover’ Samantha MacLeod