‘My anxiety’s a hand’ – poem

A therapist once asked me what shape was my anxiety, told me to look deep inside, push aside my guts, lungs and heart to find where it resides. He sat, one leg crossed over the other, and stared at me expectantly. "I guess...I guess it's shaped like a hand," I said as I glimpsed it … Continue reading ‘My anxiety’s a hand’ – poem

The Ring

Good morning and long time no see, my lovely WordPress peeps! How is this disgustingly hot summer treating everyone so far? I'm just dropping by amid working on my dissertation to share a short story that I wrote. Every Wednesday, a good friend of mine hosts a Twitter challenge called Museum Musings (search #MuseumMusings on … Continue reading The Ring

Moments – a poem

Those moments in which we'd simply gaze at one another Were moments in which we became something other We became more than partners, more than lovers We became something indescribable with our souls uncovered.