Bibliophile Bullies

I've been a part of the bookish blogosphere for over five years and, for the most part, I love it. I've found it to be a positive community, one in which people from all walks of life are connected through their shared passion for books. Regardless of how much I've interacted with a blogger, if … Continue reading Bibliophile Bullies

May in books

May was a pretty good month in terms of reading. I read five books; two horrors, two paranormal romances and one true crime. My enjoyment of these five reads varied, with Thin Air getting five stars and Night Train getting a measly two. All of the books that I read are listed below. To read … Continue reading May in books

International Women’s Day 2021 – My Favourite Books About Women

It's International Women's Day, a day when we celebrate women - past and present - and their achievements. It's not just a day about recognising and celebrating achievements, though. It's also about the women who are fighting a daily battle for equality. Here in the UK, we live in a patriarchal society. In September 2020, … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2021 – My Favourite Books About Women