Shameless self-promotion – ‘Sweet Oblivion’ is out now, peeps!

'sappening yo! You see the book above? That's my baby and it is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Smashwords if you're looking for a quick but (hopefully) engaging read! I released it a couple of months back, but I've been a bit shit on the promoting side of things. I hate being pushy and didn't want … Continue reading Shameless self-promotion – ‘Sweet Oblivion’ is out now, peeps!

Moments – a poem

Those moments in which we'd simply gaze at one another Were moments in which we became something other We became more than partners, more than lovers We became something indescribable with our souls uncovered.

Poetry is…

Poetry is... a ray of sunshine, shining light on the shadowed, forgotten parts of the soul Poetry is... a therapy session that accepts only pen and paper as payment  Poetry is... tears and heartache, smiles and laughter, immortalized in words everlasting Poetry is... cleansing Poetry is... release.  What is poetry for you?