Life appreciation post (a non-bookish post)

*taps microphone* Hello? Hello, can everyone hear me? Great! I would like to make an announcement! I...I think I have my life together? As some of you may remember, before my return to blogging semi-regularly a month or so ago, a majority of the posts that had passed through my blog for a year or … Continue reading Life appreciation post (a non-bookish post)

Jazz’s moment of brag I know I shouldn't brag, but I know some of you are aware of my struggles with my university course, so I have some good news! After literally crying over my grammar classes and having to do a shit ton of extra revision...I passed the exam! I only got 55% but for something I … Continue reading Jazz’s moment of brag

My current reads

So very exciting, I know! I can feel your jealousy, guys. It's so potent it burns! Sarcasm aside, I'm having a break tomorrow night and intend to catch up on the recent posts I've missed. I also have an upcoming review! Hope everyone's good in the World of WordPress. In a bizzle, peeps ❤️


The world is falling apart around us. Terrorism is creeping around this planet like some sort of parasite, choking the life and vitality out of it, but it's important that we remember one crucial thing during these dark times. Muslims aren't the enemy; terrorists are. So often in the wake of these attacks, people take … Continue reading Manchester