I have some news…

...nope, I'm not pregnant...nope, not getting married either. I... ...completed and passed my TEFL course! I'm feeling so happy right now. It's taken me nearly three months, but I'm pleased to say the long hours paid off 🙂

Forgive me, my many, many unread university books 

Despite being an avid reader now, I really struggled with some of the set texts at university. I took a Victorian literature class in my second year and when I saw how colossal Dickens' Bleak House was, I just laughed and put it back on my shelf, opting instead to rely on Google Scholar (which … Continue reading Forgive me, my many, many unread university books 


I'm one of those people who seems to know a little bit about everything. Or a lot about nothing some people might say (but it's better if we ignore those overly negative types - after all knowledge, trivial or not, is important). I enjoy learning. I enjoy the feeling of awe blossoming within when I … Continue reading Magazines