So, it was quite quiet at work last night…

...and I thought "You know what would be great? If I took a photo of the actual room 613 when I do my 3am floor walk." This is the result. Also, the bit in part two where the coffee machine blinds a man actually happened yesterday. Well, kinda. It malfunctioned and shot hot water and chocolate powder … Continue reading So, it was quite quiet at work last night…

‘613’ part 3

3 The beginning Well, not the literal beginning. The literal beginning was, according to Barry if he thought a guest was even mildly interested, was seven and half years ago when Cosy Inn Manchester first opened its automatic doors to the public. Following the delivery of this useless tidbit of information, Barry would always slap … Continue reading ‘613’ part 3


For those of you who don't know, I work in a hotel. This past month or so, everything has been breaking: the elevator, the coffee machine, the oven (its demise was quite spectacular I hear; apparently it blew up. There were flames and everything!) and the dish washer. Not only that, we've had a spate of break ins, … Continue reading ‘613’

‘HEX’ Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Halloween review special)

Okay, this is in no way a paranormal romance novel. Paranormal, yes. Romance, no...unless, of course, you get off on curses and dead ladies with sewn shut eyes. Whatever. I'm not here to judge...much, anyway. Black Spring is just your run-of-the-mill, small American town (is it, though? I say this but have yet to actually visit a … Continue reading ‘HEX’ Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Halloween review special)

Halloween reads 

So, girls and guys. What never-sleeping-with-the-light-off-again books are you reading in the run up to Halloween?  I started the below yesterday -    - a not so heartwarming and definitely not family friendly tale chronicling what happens when you mess with the 17th century witch who haunts your town. One to read with the lights on and … Continue reading Halloween reads