Jazz’s Halloween Reads

Here's my selection of creepy reads in the run up to All Hallows' Eve. I bought The Silence based on the recommendation of Amazon after it noted that I'd reviewed Josh Malerman's Bird Box. I've heard mixed thoughts on it, but I'm a hundred pages in and enjoying it so far. As for Disappearance at Devil's Rock and The Cabin at the … Continue reading Jazz’s Halloween Reads

Halloween reads

In the run up to Halloween, I'm trying to work my way through some of the creepier titles on my TBR list and today I started 'The Amityville Horror' (also, yes, I am in my PJs at 5pm but I have a cold and I'm tired so I'm excused :P) What spooky reads are you … Continue reading Halloween reads

‘HEX’ Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Halloween review special)

Okay, this is in no way a paranormal romance novel. Paranormal, yes. Romance, no...unless, of course, you get off on curses and dead ladies with sewn shut eyes. Whatever. I'm not here to judge...much, anyway. Black Spring is just your run-of-the-mill, small American town (is it, though? I say this but have yet to actually visit a … Continue reading ‘HEX’ Thomas Olde Heuvelt (Halloween review special)

Halloween reads 

So, girls and guys. What never-sleeping-with-the-light-off-again books are you reading in the run up to Halloween?  I started the below yesterday -    - a not so heartwarming and definitely not family friendly tale chronicling what happens when you mess with the 17th century witch who haunts your town. One to read with the lights on and … Continue reading Halloween reads