‘Archangel’s Heart’ Nalini Singh

As many of you are aware, I'd been eagerly awaiting the release of Archangel's Heart for many months and I was disappointed by the fact my manager had drawn up a rota that has had me working most days following its release. Consequently, it has taken me a lot longer to read than I would have liked. … Continue reading ‘Archangel’s Heart’ Nalini Singh

Look, LOOK!!! 

Too excited to rotate the pic. Look what was awaiting me when I got home from work! Oh excuse my post work state. I call this look slightly crazed/slightly dishevelled 😉 

My Book Collection: The Rebirth 

My Nalini Singh collection - though extensive in e-reader format - is slowly growing. Had four books arrive today and although they're preloved, it's so cool seeing the various library stamps on them and the dog eared pages. It makes me happy to know other people love these books as much as I do 🙂