NaBloPoMo November 8th *TRIGGER WARNING*

Okay, so I cheated a little bit on yesterday's post because it was a question about Thanksgiving and the only thing I know about Thanksgiving is that you eat turkey and...and give thanks? So I casually bypassed that question 😛 If you could redo one moment in your life, what would it be and why? … Continue reading NaBloPoMo November 8th *TRIGGER WARNING*

NaBloPoMo November 4th

Which fall shows should be canceled already? Um...none? That's gonna have to be my official answer, I'm afraid. Here in the UK, fall marks the beginning of the period drama season and I for one adore period dramas. The fact that there'll be no more seasons of Downton Abbey is a cause of great concern for me. … Continue reading NaBloPoMo November 4th

Three days off!

And three days in which I hope to catch up on blogging and finally vacuum and dust the house (the latter is probably not gonna happen, let's be realistic) Date night features, reviews and what not coming right up! Just watch this space. Watch it for a while actually, I really need to sleep first. … Continue reading Three days off!

Still having technical issues

So, remember a few weeks back when I was having issues commenting on people's posts? seems it's only certain people's posts :S Like half my comments go through and half don't? I've looked in my settings and can't see anything amiss. It's so frustrating 😦