Review anxiety

Other book bloggers get review anxiety, right? I've spent the past three hours trying to write a review and I've literally written two short paragraphs (and deleted a whole lot more). This is a book that's generally been very well received and I myself absolutely loved it. I guess I'm worried that I'm not gonna … Continue reading Review anxiety

The Casual Book Blogger

Back in 2016, not long after I'd birthed my blog, pushing it out from between the folds in my brain, rendering it an actual thing and not just an idea bouncing around my head, Iā€™d morph into a green-eyed monster whenever I looked upon bloggers who snagged ARCs, or participated in blog tours for the … Continue reading The Casual Book Blogger

*stands up on a random podium* Ahem, your attention, please!

This is my best friend, Stu. We've done a lot together. We went to uni together. We went to our Japan interviews together...hell, we even experienced actual Japan together. We've written musicals together (which, one sweet day, will most certainly see us becoming bigger than Andrew Lloyd Webber himself). We've done drunken karaoke together (although … Continue reading *stands up on a random podium* Ahem, your attention, please!

Three days off!

And three days in which I hope to catch up on blogging and finally vacuum and dust the house (the latter is probably not gonna happen, let's be realistic) Date night features, reviews and what not coming right up! Just watch this space. Watch it for a while actually, I really need to sleep first. … Continue reading Three days off!