Review: ‘Awaken the Darkness’ Dianne Duvall

He awakens encapsulated in dirt with no knowledge of how he came to be there. Riddled with injuries, he can remember neither his past nor who he is. Nor can he remember what he is. But surely no mortal man could survive being buried deep beneath the earth. All he knows with certainty is that the soothing voice and presence of the woman moving around above enables him to endure the agony of his wounds. And he will do whatever it takes to be with her.

When Susan first sees the old two-storey house for sale, such warmth and longing fill her that – against all reason – she makes an offer. It will take years of hard work and money she frankly doesn’t have to fix up the place. So she can’t explain why she bought it. She also can’t explain what compels her to spend hours one night, digging in the basement until she unearths a man. A man who still lives and breathes despite having been buried alive. A man whose intense brown eyes glow amber with pain, declaring him far more than ordinary. Susan knows she should keep her distance. He has no memory and possesses gifts that would make most fear him. But as the two work together to unravel the mystery of his past, she finds herself drawn in by his teasing nature and tender touch. So much so that she loses her heart to him even as they find themselves hunted by unknown enemies who are ruthless in their quest to capture them.

I’ve been working my way through Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardians series for the last ten months or so and I can hand-on-heart say that I’ve enjoyed every single book that I’ve read, but…

Awaken the Darkness is my absolute favourite so far. I’m a member of Dianne Duvall’s fan group on Facebook and everyone goes about characters like Seth (admittedly a huge favourite of mine as well), but I haven’t seen anyone talking about Stanislav and I do not understand why. I absolutely adored his and Susan’s book. Stanislav as a character is perfection and epitomises exactly why my blog is called I Swoon Over Fictional Men. He’s kind. He’s funny. He’s protective. He’s loyal. He’s hella noble (slight spoiler – having no memory of who he is, he refrains from being intimate with Susan until he can be sure that he’s not already in a relationship. I just…*swoon* I just can’t handle how thoughtful and considerate he is).

I love Susan’s character as well. She’s a romance writer living in the middle of nowhere with her dog. Isn’t that just the absolute dream? As with all Dianne Duvall’s leading ladies, she’s strong, she’s independent and she doesn’t take shit from anyone, and the chemistry between her and Stanislav is electric.

As Stanislav can’t remember who or what he is for most of the book, there’s no mention of the other Immortal Guardians. As much as I love the other immortals, it was nice having the focus be entirely on Stanislav, particularly as he hadn’t played much of a part in the series up until this point. In previous books, there are chapters that deviate away from the protagonists and focus on a character who, say, might be the focus of the next book in the series. This isn’t the case with Stanislav’s book. I felt spending about 90% of the book solely with him and Susan gave me a good opportunity to learn more about him. I wasn’t expecting him to become a favourite character, but he’d wormed his way into my heart within the first few chapters.

I still have another two books to read in the Immortal Guardians series in order to be up to date, but I honestly haven’t been disappointed with a single book so far. I really can’t recommend this series enough to fellow paranormal romance fans!

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