DNF: ‘Lucifer’s Bride’ (Married to the Devil #1) Roxie Ray and Skye Wilson

The King of Hell owns me. Mind, body, and eternal soul.

The devil’s in the details, and I shouldn’t be surprised to find Hell in Las Vegas. Luke doesn’t care that I can’t remember a thing about the deal we made on the night of my bachelorette party. All he cares is that I promised my love, my life, and my obedience to him for all eternity.


Not my style. I’m not looking to be owned by any man.

To make matters worse, I was supposed to be marrying another. But Adam can’t stand against Luke’s strength. I’m Luke’s prisoner. And his lover. And I can’t resist his wicked charms and sinful good looks.

With the mark of the beast on me and an army of Versace-clad demons knocking down my door, my options for freedom aren’t just running out, they’re long gone. Only Luke can keep me safe. And only if I play by his rules.

The King of Sin needs a queen. If I want to survive, I don’t have any choice but to give the Devil his due.

Now, I live in Scotland, a place where the word ‘cunt’ is used quite liberally, be it as a term of endearment or as an insult. It’s a word that used to shock my sensitive English ears, a word that used to make me cringe every time I heard or read it. However, after living in Scotland for nearly three years and being with my very Scottish boyfriend for nearing four, I’d say I’ve become somewhat desensitized.

However, one of the reasons I decided to DNF Lucifer’s Bride was the excessive use of ‘cunt’. I just got sick of reading about cunts being flooded with things and people being described as hot-cunted. It just made me cringe, pure and simple. There are so many other words for a woman’s nether regions and I just felt ‘cunt’ could have been swapped out on multiple occasions. I wasn’t offended by the word, but the amount of times it appeared in what I did read of the book was utterly ridiculous.

Another reason I quit Lucifer’s Bride was because of the two main characters, Evie and Luke. In the book’s blurb, Evie talks about how being owned by a man isn’t her style, yet she seems very quick to just go along with everything that Luke suggests upon waking up in his bed. As for Luke, the fact that Evie wakes up with zero recollection of their wedding the previous night seems to be nothing more than a mild inconvenience to him. Despite her apparent confusion and fear, he just can’t help but talk in sexual innuendos and just be a complete and utter ass. I mean, I get he’s the Devil, but come on. For me as a reader, Evie and Luke were neither likeable or interesting.

Anyway, this book just wasn’t for me. As much as I love paranormal romance as a genre, it can be very hit and miss at times.

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