Review anxiety

Other book bloggers get review anxiety, right? I’ve spent the past three hours trying to write a review and I’ve literally written two short paragraphs (and deleted a whole lot more). This is a book that’s generally been very well received and I myself absolutely loved it. I guess I’m worried that I’m not gonna do it justice in my review. I’ve had worries like this before, but I’ve never had to shelve a post because I can’t seem to physically write it. I have been in a weird headspace recently, though. I’ve just started on a lower dose of anxiety medication and my anxiety and general mood levels seem to be all over the place. Maybe it’s just that spilling over into my blogging.

How do my fellow book bloggers get over these feelings of anxiety and self doubt?

Let me know in the comments ❤

Jazz ❤

6 thoughts on “Review anxiety

  1. I just try my best not to compare my reviews to other’s. I know how you feel though. It can just take some time. Post it when you feel ready 🙂 Write what you want no matter what and then let it sit for a bit and then maybe reread it and decide if you feel like what you said is what YOU wanted to say. 🙂 ❤


  2. I’ve seen other people experience this but can’t say I have ever done so myself, even when writing a negative review for an author that gave me their book … and asked I e-mail her the review as well … Didn’t enjoy the feeling, but didn’t so much suffer before the writing of it. I’m just one of the lucky ones, I suppose.


  3. Having some kind of a system for writing reviews helps me. I sit down jot down two lists: what I liked and what I didn’t. I also like to try and come up with some kind of a thesis whenever I can. What angle can I take in my review that other people haven’t?
    Because truthfully, book reviews can get pretty boring. It’s better to have one specific thing you’re focusing on. Like writing a paper on a book for a college class. You take some kind of literary lens and focus on specific elements of the book.

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    1. I feel the most self-doubt when I bring my political views into a book review. Because I am more conservative than most of the bookish community. And liberals can be kind of mean to conservatives and just throw a bunch of awful labels at us, instead of actually listening to how we came to the conclusions we did, or giving us the benefit of the doubt that we formed our views based on what we believe to be justice and what is right.

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      1. I can understand that. People often feel a lot braver when there’s a screen separating them from the person they’re aiming their tirade at. It’s your blog, though. It’s your corner of the internet, your space to express your views. If people don’t like said views, they can either have a civil discussion with you or move on. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty on the internet.


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