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As some of you may remember, when I started my blog two and a bit years ago, I reviewed exclusively paranormal romance and one of the authors who generated my love for this genre was Nailni Singh, author of the Guild Hunter and Psy/Changeling series.

My taste in books has branched out somewhat but Nalini has remained a firm favourite. Her characters have depth. Her story lines steal your breath away. She is an incredible writer and this is why I’ve ditched today’s review and opted for a discussion over the toxicity that has suddenly emerged within her fandom. I know this isn’t something exclusive to Nalini’s fandom, though, and it’s shocking how people call themselves fans of any author but still post vile things about them and their work.

Now, I’m a member of Nalini’s official fan group on Facebook. I don’t participate much in discussions, but I do read posts and try my best to avoid spoilers (not jealous of the US at all for getting her books first). Today, I came across a post criticising individuals on Amazon for giving Nalini’s new book, Archangel’s Prophecy, one or two star ratings not because it was written badly but because it didn’t have a HEA ending. I went over to Amazon to have a look and sure enough…



I was seriously hoping that the extent of it had been exaggerated but no, there are literally people slating the book because it ended on a cliffhanger instead of sunshine and rainbows. It’s gotten so bad that Nalini tweeted this:


Can you imagine how much it must hurt to have spent the best part of a year writing a book only to have so-called fans have the audacity to be angry because it ended on a cliffhanger?

Get a fucking grip. 

My literal expression reading these reviews.

The first thing I’ll say is that these people will be doing Nalini a serious favour if they stopped reading her books because there is no place for such petty negativity in her fandom.

The second thing I’ll say is that it would be unrealistic if each of her books had a HEA ending because that just doesn’t reflect life. I mean, sure, we don’t necessarily read books because they mirror our own reality but the struggles of the characters within the books we read make those characters relatable; we find a little bit of ourselves in them and we stick with them throughout the course of their series as a result. If we read books in a series in which characters overcame adversities in the space of two hundred or so pages before going back to their hunky dory life and then to have that repeated in the next book and the next, we’d get bored. Well, I would anyway.

It’s almost laughable how the reader in the first review says that the world Nalini has crafted is “harsh” and that they read the books for “happiness”. Sure, I relate to reading a book for happiness but at the same time, this is such a self-centered comment. Nalini doesn’t write her books for specific readers. It’s not like the harshness of the Guild Hunter universe is something that has only just been revealed in this newly-released book. Right from Angel’s Blood we’ve been presented with a bloody and cruel world inhabited by sadistic killers. I mean, has this reader forgotten what Uram did in the first book? His scenes don’t exactly make for happy reading so the events of Archangel’s Prophecy should come as no surprise. Plus not every single one of Nalini’s books has a HEA ending. Sure, an adversity specific to that book may be overcome but there are still unresolved, unhappy issues yet to be resolved in future releases (like how the Cascade is going affect Illium, for example – Archangel’s Enigma’s epilogue, the literal ending of the book, has Illium almost torn apart by the raw power surging through his body. Illium is a fandom favourite so this is by no means a HEA ending).

The reader in the second review rates Archangel’s Prophecy a measly two stars because it ended on a cliffhanger and they felt “cheated”. Sure, feel cheated if this was the very last book in the series but it’s not! The cliffhanger is an age old technique employed by everyone from the writers of soap operas to Hollywood movie directors and Nalini is well within her rights to end her book on a cliffhanger. It generates discussion and fan theories among her readers and ensures her next Guild Hunter release will be eagerly anticipated.

To give a book a poor rating because, essentially, you’re angry that you’re gonna have to wait another a year to see what follows is unfair and, to be quite honest, childish.

Have you seen this type of behaviour within other fandoms? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Fiction Fandom Freakouts

  1. -Kingkiller Chroniclesand Game of Thrones fans
    Mad because their favourite series may never get a resolution
    -These people
    Mad because a *novel* has a *Cliffhanger*
    I am bemused.
    However both sets can suffer in the special circle for people who harass authors because they want their ending *now*

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    1. Ooo haven’t GoT fans been waiting about 7 years now? 😛 These people pissed off at a little cliffhanger should consider that before they complain about having to wait a year, if that!


  2. Personally, I don’t read books that it doesn’t seem that there would be a happy ending, but being that expressively mad at the author? Come on…

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  3. I love Nalini Singh, and I love an author who’s not afraid to inflict some pain for some greater purpose (sometimes, there isn’t even any greater purpose, but it’s just done so well that I like it anyway). It’s sad that this is happening, I haven’t been following her but I especially don’t like readers who impose what they want an author to write on said author. I wanna see how the author develops and finishes the story the way he / she intended to, and not have an author who’s essentially just writing what I am imagining. That’s not how it should work.

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    1. Exactly. If the author simply wrote what the fans dictated to them…well, the author could save a lot of time and the readers could save a lot of money by just having the readers imagining the events instead!
      Nalini’s characters have always felt very three dimensional to me. They have substance and I find I can very often relate to them. If they suddenly morphed into characters who didn’t suffer on any level because their readers couldn’t take it, a lot of that relatability would be lost. Both the characters and story would lost depth.

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  4. So, people are mad because a book in a series doesn’t have a conclusive ending and ends on a cliffhanger? FFS, unless it is the final book in the series then of course the book will have a cliffhanger, ya know… keep the story going for the next book. Weirdo’s.😂😂

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  5. Honestly, I can kind of see where they’re coming from if ALL of her books end happily ever after, and this is the first one that doesn’t. Especially readers like my mother-in-law who read romance for that purpose only. But if you ask me your fandom is better off without them. Someone who can’t grow with the series isn’t worth wasting your energy on!

    Buuuuuut, it is totally a think that people hate cliffhangers. I know lots of book bloggers who refuse to read a series until it is complete. Like… what??? lol

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    1. That’s the thing, though, not all of them have HEA endings so this response just seemed totally out the blue. I was wondering if we were even reading the same series 😛
      A lot of the comments in the FB group seemed to indicate that people were gonna do that with this series too. Wait until the next book is out in 2019 and then read them together. I think cliffhangers can be fun, though, albeit annoying. I think, especially with series that have a following, it’s always fun to speculate what’s gonna happen next with other fans!

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      1. That’s what I say! If you don’t like cliffhangers, wait for a series to be over before you read it and stop whining! I like them a lot, they make me feel excited for the next book. I also like speculating with fandom peeps, but I do that cliffhanger or no!

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  6. I love her and I loved this book. I wouldn’t even call it a cliff hanger. People really become over dramatic. And to criticise an author and her hard work. Her writing is impeccable, and draws you in.
    Some people have stopped reading the series all together now, idiots. X

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    1. I’ve yet to read it as I’ve been bogged down with a load of other things, but I genuinely can’t wait. I can’t imagine how bad Nalini must feel reading those types of reviews 😦 I know some people have said they won’t read it until the next book is out which I guess I can kind of understand, but stopping the series all together – after so long too! – doesn’t make any sense ❤

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  7. Honestly, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I’ve rated books based solely on my emotional response to them, even if they were brilliantly written. Though I always mention that in my reviews and never simply state something like “This book is awful because it didn’t have poneys in it!” which is just stupid. But yeah, I can sympathise with both parties in this. Reading for happiness IS a thing. But if a book is not making you happy anymore, then just move on?

    Now, how can people say it doesn’t have a HEA if that is not the last book in the series?? In my understanding, HEA is literally about the ending of a book/series. So why is everyone getting angry about a cliffhanger that obviously will have more to it, and very likely get a major twist?
    It makes no sense to me. And yeah, I’ve seen toxicity in pretty much every fandom I’ve ever been on or am, though some are certainly more vicious than others.

    Anyway, great post Jazz! I’m sorry you feel like one of your cherished authors is being unfairly judged and that the fandom is letting you down 😦 I hope things get better ❤

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    1. Exactly! I could totally understand if this was the final book in the series and it didn’t have an HEA ending, but there’s gonna be a follow up! I couldn’t understand how one of the reviewers said they’d felt cheated!? How has the author cheated you? She’s currently working on the book that will follow this one! She’s not cheating anyone, she’s just employing a cliff hanger like most authors of series do!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this ❤ It's a tricky subject, but I felt that the sheer level of negativity towards the author was totally unjustified. It took me by surprise because it's normally such a lovely fandom ❤


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