7 teas to enjoy with your winter reads

7 teas to enjoy with your winter reads (1)

Ah the shelves in the shops are already creaking beneath the weight of advent calendars and we’ve all seen those Facebook events detailing the annual Christmas lights switch on in town hosted by <insert generic Z-list ‘celebrity’ from Love Island or some other inane reality show>. That can only mean one thing, right? It’s nearly Christmas and what comes with Christmas aside from nights of crying ourselves to sleep as our bank balances deplete by the second?


And what, my dear friends, comes with winter?


Why, cosy nights indoors reading our books curled up by an open fire, of course! Or curled up by a radiator/significant other/pet. I mean, who has time for an open fire? You have to clean them every morning and who wants to lose all those extra Zs and get soot on their pajamas?

But the heat of an open fire/radiator/significant other/pet only goes skin deep. Sometimes you need something that’ll penetrate you deeper (hey, you filthy minded creature!). Sometimes you need…


I’m your host Jazz and welcome to I swoon over fictional men’s ‘7 teas to enjoy with your winter reads’.  Starting off the list at number 1…

1. Tetley’s Gingerbread tea 


Now, you might think this is a bold move including this on the list when I’ve literally only had two cups of this divine substance, but this tea truly was an unforgettable experience. Add a dash of milk and you literally have yourself a gingerbread biscuit in a mug. The warming, tummy-tingling gingerbread flavouring is perfect for those cold, dark nights and the scent of a freshly brewed pot of this tea will take you right back to afternoons spent baking gingerbread Christmas houses as a kid. I believe this is currently unavailable in UK supermarkets, but you can grab a box from Amazon or from the Tetley website itself.

2. T2’s Banana Bake tea


If, like me, you have not just one sweet tooth but seemingly a whole mouth of them then this is the tea for you. Sweet but not overpoweringly so, T2’s Banana Bake is the perfect after-dinner tea. It is laced with actual banana chips as well as vanilla beans, so an authentic flavour is guaranteed. No artificially sweetened chemical nasties in this!

3. Tea India’s Masala Chai


Tea India’s Cardamom Chai was my first introduction to the world of chai, but their Masala Chai is another firm favourite of mine (brewing a mug as I type). Not only do the spices gently warm you, but the inclusion of ginger and black pepper make this the perfect tea to drink when you’re struck down with a cold. Take a swig of this and blast those blocked sinuses clear! Fun fact, ginger and black pepper essential oils (when mixed with a carrier oil) make a fantastic massage oil for the aching muscles that often accompany colds. Tea India’s Masala Chai can be found in most UK supermarkets.

4. Peppermint tea


I’ve used an image of Twinings’ peppermint tea, but most supermarkets that I’ve been to carry their own version (*whisper* and for a lot cheaper price too). Winter can be a challenging time of year for our digestive system. The cooling fruit smoothies of summer are suddenly replaced by mince pies and all that stodge struggles to push its way around all those twists and turns in the ol’ bowels. Basically, peppermint tea will make you poop better. Perfect as a post-Christmas dinner drink perhaps.

giphy (35)
You too could poop with such ease.

5. Lavender tea


I bought this brand of lavender tea from Amazon and, admittedly, it’s an acquired taste. However, lavender is a key ingredient in remedies for alleviating stress and this is why I deem it a good tea to enjoy while unwinding with a favourite book. We romanticise winter, but in reality it can be an extremely hectic and stressful time of year. Being a herbal infusion with zero caffeine, a cup of lavender tea is a sure way to calm those panicked thoughts and that racing heart.

6. Cornish Tea


For those of you who just like to keep it plain and simple then Cornish Tea is the tea for you. As I once eloquently put it to my boyfriend “It’s like normal breakfast tea but, like, better.” With a full-bodied, almost creamy taste, Cornish Tea is perfect at anytime of the day. I tend to buy mine from TK Maxx, but I know it’s available online too.

And last but by no means least…

7. Tesco Vanilla Chai


At £1.50 a box let’s give it up for Tesco and their fantastic tea selection! I first discovered Tesco’s Vanilla Chai while holidaying in the Isle of Man and it soon became a firm favourite. Similar to Tea India’s Masala Chai, this chai blend has all those soul-warming spices and the vanilla just gives it that added “Ah!”. If you’re looking for a tea to sip at while you sit up in bed reading your book then this is your tea.

Did you enjoy this list? What are your favourite teas to enjoy with your winter reads? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. Thank you! ❤ I don't buy it often, but when I do, the first cup always catches me off guard. It always takes a cup or two before I can get myself reaccustomed to the taste again 😛

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