7 thoughts on “Blank – a poem

  1. This is really good!

    Kind of on the similar topic, and sorry if this leaves a bit of a bitter digital footprint here (because your poem truly is lovely) I came across this link on Goodreads a week or so ago. It was about the best covers in the romance/erotica genre… so all those covers with half-naked men, glistening abs and muscles and blabla… and then I read the comments underneath and was a bit taken aback… the ladies were dealing out the comments towards these covers that would start a proper war if the roles were reversed… ‘If the lad on cover A didn’t have such hair, would like it more’ or ‘if his abs were more defined, I would LOVE to *xyz*’… I just shook my head and thought- and there you are, crying out on twitter if a man has asked you to smile because ‘how dare he, he doesn’t know how I’m feeling’… I think it this kind of ‘double standard’/objectifying behaviour undermines what some women are truly trying to do for a good cause and unless everyone is pulling in the same direction, it can hardly come to a solution?

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    1. Some people really do have double standards and it reminds me of something Drew said a while back, that if it was reversed and it was a naked woman on the front there’d be an uproar.
      It disgusts me that women can objectify men like that and while I do poke fun at romance covers and enjoy reading the genre, I would never dream of objectifying the cover models in that way. Truth be told, I don’t really understand why romance novels need covers like that. Half the time the content of the book is completely unrelated anyway!

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      1. I hear you! And Drew said it, as well… but… it is what it is, it’s like one of those neverending battles within society. And it’ll be neverending because we’re human and we’re all barking from our own mountain tops 🙂
        I agree on the covers being unrelated… sometimes, i think I may actually miss out on a great romance book because the cover is so incredibly cheesy/shallow… Based on the cover I would never have looked into the Lords of the Underworld series at all, but the book itself was holy wow!!! 😀

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