Shameless self-promotion – ‘Sweet Oblivion’ is out now, peeps!

final cover (1)

‘sappening yo! You see the book above? That’s my baby and it is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Smashwords if you’re looking for a quick but (hopefully) engaging read! I released it a couple of months back, but I’ve been a bit shit on the promoting side of things. I hate being pushy and didn’t want to seem like I was shoving my book down people’s throats (metaphorically, of course – how would I shove an e-book down your throat? Would I, I dunno, come over to your house and ram your e-reader into your mouth? Wah, back to the issue at hand, Jazz!)

But having read Amanda Palmer’s The Art of AskingI’ve learnt that asking is different from making someone do something and asking isn’t the needy and scary thing it can sometimes appear to be. Asking gives people a choice; they can either say yes or no.

So, I’m kindly asking you wonderful bookish people, if you have a spare 20 minutes or so, please may you give my little book a read?

You can download it here, or add it your Goodreads TBR list here.

10 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion – ‘Sweet Oblivion’ is out now, peeps!

    1. Don’t worry about it, I completely understand ❤️ Your life is manic as it is so believe me when I say there’s no pressure coming from my corner ❤️


  1. Well yes you’ve been shit on promoting.

    You got a book and you thought it would be…rude? To tell us to get your book or you’ll come and scare us?? 😂😅

    Going to get it for sure Miss Jasmin 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess I’m just a bit shy about my work and while I really wanted to publish a collection of my work, I was really apprehensive about people reading my work 😛
      Thank you! I can’t wait to hear what you think 😀


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