Calling all writers…

…tell me, have you ever been so consumed by an idea that it’s nigh on impossible to focus on anything else?

I should be replying to comments, drafting blog posts, applying for jobs (didn’t get that job I was being interviewed for, guys)…but no, I’ve spent two evenings straight working on the same goddamn poem because I’ve decided I want to try my hand at performance poetry (in the shower, of course. Pah! As if I, little old ME, would get on a freaking stage!)…

…poetry is consuming me. Help. Send biscuits (dark choc digestives). I need the mental energy.

10 thoughts on “Calling all writers…

    1. That’s been exactly me for these past three nights! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets consumed by ideas like this. It feels amazing when said idea turns into a finished project, though 😀

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    1. I went with the flow and three days later, it’s finally complete! I just let the ideas and writing take over. I might try the prioritizing next time, though 😛 Pretty much everything else that I wanted to do got neglected!


  1. I have been possessed by many ideas and gone into writing them with gusto only to ignore them a day or two later… I seem to have this mental block somewhere… but performance poetry? You should defo go for it and get on that stage… 😀 I had massive stage fright when I was in my teens and I had to sing at every school event… to this day I deeply regret not going on the stage when I was selected as a finalist in a singing competition.. darn it… but… I would do it now… you can too 🙂 If the opportunity rises, just jump head in! 🙂

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    1. I’ve had that too. There are so many novel ideas swimming around my brain that have yet to be written, let alone completed!
      I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with stage fright. It’s never too late to give it another shot, even if it was just something that was a bit of fun, like a karaoke competition! 😀 What was your worry when you were up on stage? For me, it’s freezing or forgetting where I’m at with my lines and people laughing at me 😦

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      1. One day, Jazz… one day, you and me we gonna be chillin on a riverbank with glasses of wine and talking about our experiences as published authors! 😀 hahaha, one can dream!

        I think my stagefright mainly came from wanting to be invisible.. I did not deal well with attention, at all… all those eyes pointed at me? hell to the NO! at this stage I don’t care anymore… I think my work has helped a bit as well with having to do presentations etc… yeah… the usual culprits for stage fright, for sure!

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      2. Wouldn’t that be the dream? 😀 Forget the published authors, it would be awesome to just hang out with you and drink wine, while having a good chinwag 😀
        That reminds me of an incident when I was about 9 or 10. We did a school play and I was a narrator. My teacher told me to look beyond everybody, at the back wall, and just say my lines. The moment I started speaking, though…I saw about 300 heads turn towards me in my peripheral vision and it was horrendous! Yeah, like you, all those eyes pointing you can feel awful!
        I’m pleased it’s gotten better for you through your work and the presentations that you do. If we ever get the chance, we should totally forget about our past stage fright and go to karaoke 😛

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