‘Sweet Oblivion’ has been published! (finally!)

final cover (1)

Okay, I have been insanely busy these past couple of weeks and one of the reasons behind this business is my debut poetry collection, Sweet Oblivion! I initially published it last week but the formatting was all wrong, so I had to start over. The formatting has been corrected (I couldn’t quite work out page breaks, but if anyone familiar with Smashwords knows how to successfully insert them, please let me know via Twitter or something!) and I’m pleased to show you guys the finished product.

It’s also available for free! You can download or view it online here.

So excited right now!

24 thoughts on “‘Sweet Oblivion’ has been published! (finally!)

    1. Publishing my book means I have transcended sprog 😁 I’m an adult just like the rest of you now! (I do kinda like the term sprogetry, though 😂)

      And thank you 😀

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      1. Weekend nearly done here. Cold. Hope you’re ok and this week ahead goes well for you x 🙃


      2. See how today goes. Bit of a headache. Good communication only coming back directly from usual trusted sources. Pretty predictable so should be a good week 😊


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