Night readers VS. Day readers!


Are you a night reader, or are you a day reader? 

I saw this awesome meme not so long ago that made reference to us folk that are neither ‘early birds’ nor ‘night owls’. We simply exist in limbo, floating around in the ether between these magical states of being. We are just ‘permanently exhausted pigeons’.

Basically, if you hadn’t guessed already, I’m both a night reader and a day reader. I have a naughty habit of going to bed really late and getting up really early (okay, like 8 or 9 if I’m not working, but that’s pretty early when you consider there’s another 15 or 16 hours of the day left to suffer!)

Are you, like me, a permanently exhausted pigeon wanting to make a lifestyle change? Do you want to be able to throw yourself into the arms of sleep at 9pm, to awaken seven hours later feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as you tackle that ever growing TBR pile? Or, does the night call out to you, imploring you stay and read it just one more chapter, breathing life and meaning into the emptiness of its existence? (Jeez, the night needs to cheer the fuck up)

Excellent, you’re in the right place! I’m going into a head-to-head battle with none other than…erm…myself! Who shall be crowned champion, Night Reader Jazz or Day Reader Jazz? Stay tuned, peeps, stay tuned…

Night reading


  • You can read uninterrupted for hours and hours and hours…and more hours, right until you see the sun peeking shyly above the horizon (I’d be pretty shy about making an appearance too if I had the audacity to wake people up at 4am in the summer. Ha, I’m not bitter at all).
  • There’s no guilt! The laundry has been done and the dishes have been washed, and even if they haven’t, who the hell does those things at 2am!? That’s right! There’s nothing and no one that requires your attention! (except me, love me and hold me and call me nice names *slaps self* Jazz!*
  • It’s a great way to unwind. Studies have shown that being exposed to the blue and white lights emanating from the screens of our smart phones and tablets prevents our bodies from producing a hormone known melatonin, which essentially tells our bodies that it’s time to go night night. Good old-fashioned paperbacks will guarantee you a good night’s sleep…if you ever make it to bed that is.


  • Dropping the book on your face if you snooze for even a microsecond. I recently dropped Charles Bukowski’s The Pleasures of the Damned on my face. One word: fucking ouch (that’s two, but what the hell)
  • “Just one more chapter,” you whisper to yourself, “I swear this will be the last chapter. I know I said that seven chapters ago…but just one more chapter.” I don’t need to elaborate. We’ve all suffered at work following a night of failing to follow through with our empty assurances of just one more chapter. 
  • When you do eventually make it to bed, it can be near enough impossible to switch your brain off after reading a particularly engaging or thrilling read. I once went to bed following a chapter in which these fantastical creatures were in the midst of an epic, bloody battle and I awoke a couple of hours later and distinctly remember saying in my sleep drunken state that “I must prepare my men for battle”. The book continues long after you’ve closed both its pages and your eyes.

Day reading


  • Daytime reading is a good lifestyle choice if you favor what I call ‘heavy literature’ (think Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy). I tried (that isn’t fair usage of that word, I gave up twenty pages in) to read the first The Lord of the Rings book as my bedtime book a few years back and I found myself constantly going back and rereading entire pages, simply because I couldn’t absorb the information when I was tired.
  • Sleep doesn’t beckon! Ha! You’ve already slept so you don’t need to fret about that solid eight hours!
  • Other people are actually awake. Have you ever reached an epic, shocking climax (haha, climax! *slaps self* Jazz! Get a grip, woman!*) in a book and have felt sick as the excitement/horror/other intense emotion pushes against your internal organs, wanting out, needing release (if this happens, be extra sure it’s not a case of impending volcanic diarrhea), only to find that there’s no one to gush or vent to? Well, that’s an issue completely eradicated with daytime reading…unless your friends live in different time zones.


  • Commitments. Ah that dreaded word oft associated with adulthood. Daytime reading can be difficult when you have to work and, oh god, socialize. 
  • It can be tempting to read while carrying out said commitments and this leads to reading on the bus or train and this also leads to having to close your book when you reach your stop. It’s an agony quite unlike any other, trust me.
  • Interruptions. Oh lord, the interruptions. When you read at night, you can almost 100% guarantee that the people you live with will either a) be asleep or b) engaging in some sort of other nocturnal activity (like watching Netflix, of course!) so the chances of being interrupted in the middle of an epic fight scene are greatly reduced.

So, guys, what’s the verdict? Which is better, night reading or day reading? I think I might just stick to being a permanently exhausted pigeon and indulge in both 😉 Sleep’s overrated! 

28 thoughts on “Night readers VS. Day readers!

  1. Early morning here… I misread your title… I thought it said I swoon over financial men.
    Afternoon and evening for me. I loved being a student with no money and exceptional health. 🤔☺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha that’s amazing! No, not quite 😛 I like men in general, financial or not! (well, not all men. I mean, my preference is men!)
      Ah yeah, I do a lot of reading in the evening too 😀


      1. Cold north wind here this morning. Off to football. Plenty of men on the oval on a Saturday. We vary in quality depending upon how you grade us 😄 Some women unfortunately have no idea what a dud is. All that glitters ain’t gold. Not that an asshole is helpless in his own condition. The Twits by Roald Dahl is spot on.


  2. I’m a day reader, but not even the good kind. The end result is that I don’t get nearly the amount of reading in that I’d like to, or feel like I should. Maybe I need to take Julian Smith’s approach.
    Speaking of him, “Eat Randy” is one of my favorite songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, his approach is quite effective! Pull scary faces and aggressively tell people to not interrupt you 😛 Haha yes, I know ‘Eat Randy’! Very talented guy 😀 I think he recently returned from a hiatus so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more videos soon!
      I know what you mean. There’s so many things that need doing during the day and trying to fit reading in around all those tasks is difficult! I know of some bloggers who read entire novels each and every day and it’s like, how do you have time!?


      1. Yeah. I can only assume that there’s some skim reading involved when they’re that fast, and I can’t skim read anything. If it’s worth my time to read, then I’m going to read every. Single. Word.
        But I could be wrong. Maybe they really are just that fast/dedicated of readers. It’s impressive either way.


      2. I took a class on skim reading at university and while it’s effective for text book type things, I think you miss out on the finer details and it’s the finer details that really matter in fiction.


  3. The fact that I’m commenting on this at 2am pretty much speaks for itself; I’m definitely a night reader 😋 I’d love to be able to read more during the day, it just never seems to work out, sadly. Still, having all that time to read is at least a pretty decent perk of insomnia, right? 😂

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  4. Day reader! I’d love to be a night reader but one of two things happens when I read at night: I’ll either fall asleep after only a couple of pages (usually dropping the book on my face) or I’ll stay up all night to finish my book!

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  5. Love this! I started ad a night reader but now I read every chance I get even during the day so I guess I’m an exausted pidgeon like you. I hate how life keeps interrupting my reading time during the day, but it happened more than once that I fell asleep while reading at night. So I can’t say what I prefer…

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    1. I agree with you on that, especially in the winter! It’s just sometimes a pain if you’re tired. You go to bed with the intention of reading a couple of chapters and then fall asleep after half a page! 😛


  6. I’m a permanently exhausted pigeon!!!
    My gosh, I loved this post- good one, Jazz! 🙂 You covered all the pros and cons off for both day and nght time reading!
    And screw work and socializing… books should be priority! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pleased know I’m not the only pigeon here 😛 It’s a hard life, right!?
      Definitely. I wish I could call work and be like “Oh hey, not coming in today. The next book in my favourite series has just been released.” 😛

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  7. I tend to read in the late morning and late afternoon/early evening before tea and then afterwards for a while.

    I work mornings and due to the fact that my brain likes to wake me up at crazy o clock I tend to go to bed quite early and don’t really read at night much. Then again, if I wasn’t up at stupid o clock I’d probably read at night, circumstances and life ya know. Though ideally I wouldn’t work or have responsibilities and then I could sleep for 12 hours and read for the other 12, winning and alternate days for reading and gaming, double winning!

    Though, I’m always tired, it’s probably my age!😝

    OK……tired pigeon?!?! You referred to yourself as a pigeon!Lmao And, the climax bit, sniggers, only a reader of those books would think of that sort of climax!😂

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    1. It sounds like you manage to get quite a lot of reading done throughout the day!
      It’s strange, you don’t really strike me as someone who goes to bed early 😛 I’ve always thought of you as a bit of a rebel, but I guess it’s the wise thing to do if you work mornings! What time does a morning shift begin for you? Mine begin at 6, but I mostly work afternoons and evenings, thankfully. I’m basically narcoleptic so can’t stand early mornings!
      Ah to have no responsibilities. That’d be the dream! 😦 Find yourself a sugar daddy (or mama) who’ll pay your way in life while you game and read 😀 Morally questionable, but it’d mean you wouldn’t have to work!
      I’m trying to overcome my fear and I think to conquer fear you must first become fear! So I’m now a permanently exhausted pigeon 😀

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      1. Ha, a rebel!😂 not where sleep is concerned Jazztin, I like my sleep far too much to rebel over it.
        My morning shift starts at 6am and I’m often awake and unable to get back to sleep between 2 – 3 in the morning annoyingly.
        Who cares if it’s morally right or wrong, a sugar mummy or cougar to pay for stuff would be awesome. However, I’d be quite content just with someone who makes me happy and the way it’s going anything with a pulse will probably end up being an option!😂
        I can on occasion get lots of reading done but it varies, headache, gaming, other stuff to do and at times I just don’t feel like reading – travesty for a book blogger!😂

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