Alexandra Elle writes frankly about her experience as a young, single mother while she celebrates her triumph over adversity and promotes resilience and self-care in her readers. This book of all-new poems from the beloved author of Words From A Wanderer and Love In My Language is a quotable complement to her beautiful blog and Instagram account.


So, I had some massive issues when it came to choosing my favourite poem from this wonderful collection…ahem, see below.


And do you why? Well, the answer is simple; this is the best poetry collection I’ve read in a while. I saw it in my local bookstore last month but as it was nearing the end of the month, I figured it wise to treat myself to it after pay day. You know how it is. I left the bookstore and in the weeks that followed, I did many things and through it all, Neon Soul remained lodged in my mind. I had to read it!

Neon Soul outshines its contemporaries for many reasons and one of these reasons is the positivity and hope that runs like an unbreakable thread throughout the entirety of its 160 pages. As a poet myself, I know that a lot of poems are born out of hurt and heartache and while these two emotions are most definitely present within Neon Soul, it’s a unique collection in the sense that it addresses the fact that there is life after the events that cause these more negative emotions to surge to the surface of our psyche; it’s a collection that urges its readers to have faith in the fact that happiness isn’t an impossibility.

Neon Soul speaks directly to its readers; it comforts them, it praises them…it encourages them, as the following poem below demonstrates:


look at you 

still standing 

after being 

knocked down

and thrown out


look at you

still growing 

after being 

picked and plucked 

and prodded out of 

your home


look at you

still dancing 

and singing 

after being 

defeated and 



look at you, love.

still here and hopeful

after it all.

Neon Soul, page 97


How can you not derive comfort from such words? Pain in all its forms is a part of life and sometimes we just need that gentle reminder that we both survived and thrived.

Neon Soul also includes ten poetry prompts for its readers, so not only is it a collection that showcases the breathtaking creativity of Alexandra Elle, it’s also a collection that encourages readers to tap into their creative side.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Song: Two Steps from Hell’s Victory  (I like Two Steps from Hell, okay!? I know I use their music a lot, but they’re fantastic!)


This book is available on Amazon in both e-reader and paperback format.