A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 9, ‘Books that changed the world; part II’


‘sup yo! In today’s episode, I’m continuing with my discussion of books that changed the world and this week, I’ve turned my attention towards books that tackle prejudice, focusing in particular on Holocaust literature. It’s perhaps an intense theme in comparison to the themes of previous episodes, but I hope people will find it interesting.

Check out the episode here and the bloopers here and here.

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4 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 9, ‘Books that changed the world; part II’

  1. Dark topic this week, but one that is all too important.
    I’ve read “Night” by Elie Wiesel, and watched “Jakob the Liar” and “Life is Beautiful.” I think that “Life is Beautiful” is one of the greatest films ever.
    On a related note, I’ve also read a book called “The Rape of Nanking.” It’s about the Japanese occupation of China, another sad and horrific episode from the same era of history. It’s different, though, because it didn’t have the organization, sanction, or longevity of the Holocaust. Just awful.
    I feel like there are other materials on the Holocaust that I’ve seen or read, but I can’t remember right now. Maybe it’s just visits to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC coming to mind.
    Thanks for the podcast, Jazz. It’s important that people remember and reflect on those atrocities from time to time.

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    1. I was a little worried it was a bit TOO dark but like you say, it’s one that is all too important. I think as time goes on, people are beginning to forget about the Holocaust and the lasting impact it had upon countless families, simply because survivors are few and far between due to things such as age. I think their voices and the voices of those who perished need to be kept alive for future generations to hear. I have ‘Night’ but it’s been sat on my shelf for a good few years now. I might read it at some point soon. I’ve heard of ‘Life is Beautiful’ but haven’t actually seen it. I’ve heard amazing things about it, though, so that might be on my list of things to watch this coming weekend!
      Ah yes, the Japanese occupation of China. A period of history often overlooked. When I was living in Japan, I remember the Japanese PM sparked controversy when he made a speech marking the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2, yet neglected to mention the atrocities committed against the Chinese. He completely and utterly omitted it from his speech, like it hadn’t even happened or something.
      Thank you for listening! I’m pleased you found it interesting 🙂

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      1. One more thing: Make sure you watch it in the original Italian (with subtitles, unless your Italian is better than mine). I’ve never seen it in English, and I’m not even sure that there are dubbed over versions, but I am sure that if there are, they couldn’t be as good as the original performance.


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