Saved by the bell – flash fiction

Fuck!” Sacha hissed, dropping to her knees and crouching awkwardly next to the armchair, “Fuckfuckfuck.”

The figure glided away from the window silently, apparently having not seen her and Sacha was sure as hell going to keep it that way. She kept her gaze fixed upon the window for a moment longer and, deeming it safe to do so, surged to her feet and ran to the kitchen. She could hear the garden gate creaking on its rusted hinges and knew she had but moments to hide.

She scanned the room, searching, thinking…there! She darted forward and hunkered down in front of a cupboard. She wrenched the door open and began to force her way in, the pots and pans clanking as she pushed them aside.

Curled up in the damp-smelling darkness of her too-small kitchen cupboard with several handles digging into various places, Sacha finally began to relax. She grinned, having outwitted the man who lurked outside her house.

With a pained yelp, she twisted her arm behind her back and retrieved the phone from her pocket…and that was when she heard it.

…a scrape against the kitchen window.

She punched in a number and her husband answered on the second ring.

You are literally downstairs,” he groaned, his voice laced with sleep, “What?”

Whatever you do, don’t get out of bed. Don’t open the curtains, don’t -”

Are you being serious? It’s my day off, like I was gonna -”

He’s here.


Are…are you sure?”

Sacha nodded, a sieve scratching at her cheek as she did so.

Yep and he almost saw me.”

Fucking hell, Sach, where are you now?”

She gave her location and hung up. She awaited the inevitable in complete silence save for the sound of her shallow breathing.


Saved by the bell. Literally.

Sacha kicked the door open and spilled from the cupboard ungracefully, sending her favourite wok skidding across the floor.


Yeah,” she called, brushing herself down“Be there in a second.”

She walked down the hallway, swiping her purse from the sideboard as she went. She donned her best smile as she swung open the front door.

That’s the windows cleaned,” the window cleaner grinned, “Same time next month?”

Sounds perfect!” Sacha replied, handing over the money, “Thanks, the windows look great.”

She closed the door and slid to the floor with a sigh of relief. Another month, another awkward encounter with the window cleaner avoided. Success.

When I was a child, I found the window cleaner’s monthly visit something of a traumatic experience. There was the awkward eye contact that followed the shriek of walking into a room to find a random person at the window…what’s the socially acceptable thing to do in such a situation? Smile? Wave? It was too much for my brain to handle. 

25 thoughts on “Saved by the bell – flash fiction

      1. My pizza place has no sense of humor. They got upset when I asked for a half Americana half Mexicana with a wall down the middle

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  1. Screech recently got put away for murder in Milwaukee. Bar room brawl. Guess there were no gloves… or bells… in reality.


    1. I have never seen the TV show but the phrase got stuck in my head and I thought some peopke might get the reference 😛 Thank you! I’m pleased you enjoyed it 😁

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  2. Not gonna lie when I saw the title was ‘saved by the bell’ I immediately thought of that old school TV show!😂

    Awesome start, four f#cks in the first paragraph!

    Ha, yeah, window cleaners, always think they are peering in the window and having a gander!😂

    Really enjoyed this.😀

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    1. I’ve never seen the show but I thought some people would get the reference 😛
      Does it count if three of the fucks are in the same word!? 😂
      Pleased you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading 😀 I haven’t written any flash fiction in ages so was feeling inspired!

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      1. Well…….I guess the show was first shown before your time, young Sproglet that you are!😂😂😂
        Technically you joined three separate f#cks together to make a single word so I’d still say it was four f#cks, can never have too many f#cks in a post!😂

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      2. Yeah, more your generation I think ;D My mum probably used to watch it, that’s how old I think it is!
        Good point, there can never be enough fucking and fucks!

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  3. Haha oh dear I had no idea where this was going. Best bit? The way the protagonist crammed themselves into a pot and pan cupboard, and the descriptions of what it was like to be in there. Perfect!! 🤣
    Also, the scrape against the window? So creepy! I just knew you were having me on, and that it wouldn’t really be anything scary in the end, but it still seemed so …freaky. nice work!!!!

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  4. (sigh…I left you a big comment and it didn’t come through. Nooo this keeps happeninggg)
    I really like this. It was funny and suspenseful. Best bit was when the protagonist got in the cupboard. So funny haha 😁

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  5. Well, this was fantastic… you can really write… like some other, I thoguth of the TV show as well… heh.. they had some good looking dudes in it 😛
    Seriously though, I thought she was escaping from like a serial predator or something and the window cleaner was s surprise… I never was in this situation thought because I’m normally the one that cleans windows 😀 I’m bloody good at ignoring the people on the other side though 😀

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    1. Thank you! 😀 I never did see the TV show, but I’ve heard good things about it!
      Yeah, that was what I was hoping readers would feel 😀 One of the reasons I love writing flash fiction is because I like to challenge myself, to see if I can fit in a plot twist in as few words as possible 😛
      Ah I wish I had your abilities! I just panic when I see the window cleaner and dart into another room 😛

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  6. I thought this was “fanfic” when I saw the title and almost lost it 😛 Great stuff, although I expect nothing less. I have to admit that I understand completely about the window cleaner. But let’s be honest, the toaster scares me. Everything has the potential to be traumatic haha.

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    1. Thank you 😀 I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! I really need to get back to my ‘613’ story at some point too…
      Oh god, I completely and utterly understanding the toaster thing! Especially in the early morning when all is silent and the sound of the toast popping up seems like the loudest thing in existence!

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