Seen as I’ve reached episode eight, I thought I’d compile a list of all the episodes in my podcast series so far 😀 I ramble, I swear, I often forget what I’m talking about, but I hope they provide at least some entertainment!

Episode 1: ‘What is poetry?’

Episode 2: ‘The Guilty Romantic’

Episode 3: ‘The Immortal Author’

Episode 4: ‘The Dystopian Dream’

Episode 5: ‘The Monster Within’

Episode 6: ‘I’m a real writer!’

Episode 7: ‘The Magic of Myths’

Episode 8: ‘Books that changed the world; part I’

Let’s talk about podcasts while we’re here! What are your favourite podcast series? Mine are ‘Lore’ and ‘The Black Tapes Podcast’.