Summer piggy bank with sunglasses on the beach
The oversized shades remind me fondly of myself, as do the blushing cheeks and slightly chubby, cuteness of the piggy. This is literally me as a pig. 

So, vacations aren’t just about gin and tonics and ice cream! Vacation time equals reading time and I have some pretty awesome books and magazines lined up for my week away.

Jeez, my shades are filthy.

Norse Mythology Neil Gaiman

Night Music John Connolly (the sequel to the incredible Nocturnes)

The Hatching Ezekiel Boone (slightly apprehensive as I’m really scared of spiders)

And of course, what would a vacation be without some magazines? Fortean Times, All About History and National Geographic are going to provide me with some inflight mental enrichment.

What have been some of your best vacation reads? Let me know in the comments below!