15 thoughts on “I’m a permanent spam jail inmate

      1. Hmm… I don’t know… WP spam filters work in mysterious ways… I think it usually spams out if there are added url links in comments but I doubt you’re doing that… I guess like all ‘software’ based applications, they’re not 100% accurate in filtering spam… it could be a single word in the comment that triggers the spam filter, it could be a pingback… hopefully someone bails you out 🙂 I usually keep an eye on the spam comments as well just to make sure no one has been mistreated 🙂

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      2. I never post URLs and I don’t think I post an suspicious words that could be flagged up as spam 😛 Like you say, the WP spam filters work in mysterious ways! On some blogs, I’m fine, but on others it’s a nightmare, especially if that blogger doesn’t check their spam often!

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      3. Some people are being kind enough to enter the spam dungeons and retrieve me 😛 I never have the issue with your blog, so massive thanks to you and your blog for accepting me! ❤️

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