A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 5, ‘The Monster Within’


Woo! Episode FIVE! Massive thanks to everyone who has stuck with this series so far 😀 I know I’m not the greatest of speakers and I ramble a lot, but thank you so much for listening all the same 🙂 I have so much fun researching for and recording these podcasts!

You can check out episode five here and a little blooper here (apparently the one syllable of my name is really difficult for me to say). Today’s episode explores why the horror story has endured for so many years.

Feel free to join in on the discussion below!

14 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 5, ‘The Monster Within’

  1. What up Jabz!😂 It could be far worse just imagine if you messed up the ‘a’ in Jazz for an ‘i’ that would be a spectacularly bad mistake!😂 Oh, I heard that filthy word you said too, sh#t! Tut!
    Really interesting and I enjoyed listening to it. Now I’m off to find pigeon gifs!😂

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    1. The sad thing is, I’ve actually done that when spelling my name before. My friend and I were parodying this scene from a movie where some guy spells his name and says something along the lines of “And that’s (insert name) fuck you!” and I unfortunately said “And that’s J-I-Z-Z fuck you!”…
      Thank you for listening! 😀 (Although I’m sure I won’t be saying that when I start seeing pigeon gifs!) Pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂

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      1. If you think Jizz is bad, I once had an ex whose friend would refer to me as ‘Jizzminge’ (you’ve probably guessed my actual name is Jasmin) I have an unfortunate name in regards to things that can be done with it hahaha


  2. First, I hope that you’ve updated your zombie evacuation plan.
    Second, and more seriously, I recently read something (though I can’t recall where I read it) that goes along with some of your thoughts. Whoever it was that I read was saying that we need horror to keep in touch with our primal, primitive ancestors. Thousands of years ago, man lived in fear of large predators. Lions and tigers and bears (cliché!) But then we developed weapons and eventually became the dominant species on earth. Horror is a way for us to reconnect with our latent prey instincts–instincts that we used to rely upon every day, but now seldom need, if ever.

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    1. I haven’t got a zombie evacuation plan for where I’m currently living, unfortunately, If recording this podcast has taught me nothing else, it’s at least taught me that I need to remedy that!
      If you remember where you read that, before sure to send me a link, I’d be interested in reading it too 🙂 I agree, though. Horror definitely helps us to reconnect with our latent prey instincts because it reminds us that even with all our technology and gadgets, we can be made vulnerable far more easily than we realise. Thank you for listening! 😀

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      1. I’ll pick through my brain and see if I can remember where it was i read that. Another good podcast, though. Your ramblings are fueled by good ideas! (And that’s meant to sound like a compliment, btw.)

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      2. Ooo thank you, though! I’m a big horror movie fan (although I spend most horror movies hiding behind a cushion!) so will definitely give this a read 😀


  3. Hi Jabz! 😉
    Another great podcast! The only podcast I’ve ever bothered to listen, by the way! 😉

    Interesting thoughts on why readers like horror… I quite like horror, but majority of the times I don’t get afraid? Horror movie/books, they’re like megaLOLz for me, because my brain just dismisses everything… for some reason… selective intake or something 😀

    For the Zombie evacuation plan I entirely plan to use the script of the movie Zombieland! XD

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    1. Really? 😀 Aww thank you, I’m honoured! 🙂 Thank you so much for listening. I have so much fun planning for these podcasts so it’s always nice to know someone enjoys listening to them 😀
      Oh god, I wish I was like you! Do you find all the faults and laugh because the characters do the most ridiculous things, things you wouldn’t do in real life? 😛 I have a super over active imagination and when I go to bed, I always imagine the monster/creature/ghost hiding under my bed or something! I also had to stop watching horror movies in the cinema too, because I’m too jumpy and always screech when there’s a jump scare…
      Ah Zombieland! Love that movie ❤ Need to rewatch it! ❤

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