A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 4, ‘The Dystopian Dream’


Why, as a society, are we fixated with dystopian fiction? In today’s episode, I attempt (attempt being the appropriate word) to answer this question. You can check out ten minutes of me rambling here.

6 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 4, ‘The Dystopian Dream’

  1. Hehehehe… the T words escaped you 🙂 It happens… enjoyed this podcast, so I did!
    Re: V for Vendetta- I’ve only seen the movie and because of the movie have been pushing back on the graphic novel itself so my interest in the GN is actually rekindled as you mention that GN is way better than the movie in terms of really conveying the message. Sounds good.

    If I remember right, I read Homage to Catalonia before I read 1984… Both are really good books and I happened to see bits of 1984 movie (the 1984 release not the earlier one) one night some while back.. it proper creeped me out, more than reading the book for some reason! Have you seen it?

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    1. They really do 😛 I get myself so tongue tied when I’m talking!
      Yeah, I really enjoyed the movie – Hugo Weaving was perfect as V, but the graphic novel is way more in depth. There’s only so much that you can get into a movie and I think the director made the wrong choice regarding what bits to cut out of the movie!
      Is it bad that I’ve never heard of Home to Catalona? Just had a look on Goodreads, though, and I think it’s definitely a book I need to check out at some point. It’ll be interesting to compare the two books and see how much his personal experiences influenced his fictional works. I haven’t seen the 1984 movie, no. I’ve been on a bit of a movie adaptations binge lately, though, so I might grab myself a cheap copy from Amazon 😀

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      1. ah, isn’t that always the case with the movies? for example, I saw The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey as a movie first and there’s a bit of a ‘romantic’ scene there… I decided, hey the movie was good, I want to read the book and in the book it was SOOO much better, that romantic scene… I was proper disappointed that the movie had to turn it into this ‘Hollywood and sex sells’ kind of thing…
        Homage to Catalonia is a brilliant book.. I think I actually enjoyed it more than 1984 because I’m a sucker for any war novel.. not because theres suffering, etc but the human condition is always such a sticky point for me.
        Let me know if you happen to watch 1984 as a movie, be interesting to hear what you thought 🙂

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      2. I know exactly what you mean about Hollywood and its whole ‘sex sells’ thing. They have to sex everything up it seems. I read ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ recently and the movie adaptation…man, that was really something! They took real liberties with it haha
        I have some days off work coming up so I shall see if I can get a hold of ‘1984’ somewhere 😀

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      3. I seriously have to read and watch The Man Who Fell to Earth! I recall you really enjoyed the book… yeah…I sense a weekend of shopping coming along 😄


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