The world is falling apart around us.

Terrorism is creeping around this planet like some sort of parasite, choking the life and vitality out of it, but it’s important that we remember one crucial thing during these dark times.

Muslims aren’t the enemy; terrorists are.

So often in the wake of these attacks, people take to Facebook and Twitter, blasting immigrants and criticizing innocent Muslims who simply want to go about their lives just like anyone else.

But blaming the entire global Muslim population for the actions of one group of crazed individuals is like blaming the entire Christian population for the actions of the KKK. It’s like blaming every single Irish person for the 1996 IRA bombing of Manchester.

ISIS aren’t acting in the name of Islam, despite what they claim. They’re monsters who have deliberately misinterpreted the Quran in a pathetic attempt to justify their own warped agenda.

The events of Manchester have really shook me. Manchester was my home for three years and two of my old housemates were in the arena when the bomb went off. It’s a city that took me under its wing when I was nothing more than a naive teenager. Manchester taught me the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need and being kind to all you meet. Manchester and its people taught me the importance of always being yourself, regardless of what other people may think and the fact that someone attempted to destroy these fundamental values is awful.

But I use the word ‘attempted’ because whatever ISIS do, they haven’t yet destroyed the human spirit. Manchester pulled together in the wake of last night’s bomb – hotels opened their doors to children who had lost their friends, siblings and parents, taxi drivers waived fares, locals opened their homes to those unable to get out the city, takeaways handed out free food and drink…it’s the Mancunian spirit in its purest form and it’s a trend mirrored in cities all over the world. When ISIS attack, people pray for the dead and tend to the wounded, they comfort the bereaved and they try their damned hardest to carry on as normally as humanly possible. The human spirit has so far proved indestructible and I hope it can weather whatever else these bastards have to throw at it.

Since ISIS began on their path of destruction, countless innocent lives have been lost and it’s the deaths of young children that really get to me. Bright futures snuffed out in seconds in wave after wave of senseless violence.

How can anyone wake up with intention of wreaking as much pain and suffering as they can?