I haven’t mentioned this in ages and I know it’s not book related but I had to vent my excitement…as some of you might be aware, I got a place on a postgraduate course at the University of Leicester this September. Last week, I finalised my accommodation and all that shizzle…

…and now I might possibly have a job ready and waiting when I arrive in Leicester! Because my postgrad is in teaching English as a second language, I figured it might be a good idea to email a few language schools to enquire about any part time teaching or teaching assistant roles.

And one school seems interested, saying that they might have some teaching roles going in September and that if I dropped by they’d show me around 😀

The past year or so has been difficult. I returned from my year in Japan with so much ambition – move down to London, get a job as an editorial assistant etc – but everything just went wrong from the moment my plane landed at Heathrow. I was intending to stay in my hometown of Lincoln for two weeks at most (a year and two months later, I’m still here), I started to run out of money so started working a job that I’ve found challenging to say the least, largely due to my anxiety and I ended up living back in my family home which, while lovely, felt like a huge step back for me.

But now I’m finally starting to feel positive about things! I have something exciting and new on the horizon! I actually feel happy.

Me right now