A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 2, ‘The Guilty Romantic’


Episode two is here! (like literally, there. Click on the link!) In this episode, I’m talking about the stigma attached to the romance genre and the backlash its readers and writers face.

So, get yourself a cup of tea and kick back for the next 15 minutes while I take you through the so-called reasons people give for their hatred of this wonderful genre and ways in which we can counter this negativity.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz; Episode 2, ‘The Guilty Romantic’

  1. Eurgh,romance, shudders, barf! Yep, totally agree, we all read for escapism regardless of genre!
    Sigh, so……you sold us a podcast that featured a chat and a cup of tea and yet you weren’t drinking tea last week, oh man, talk about a betrayal and false advertising! 🙂

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      1. I hope not, I have nothing worth suing me for 😛 Well, a hefty collection of romance novels that are probably worth quite a bit…sue me and you can have those!

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  2. You are very verbally abusive towards your laptop haha 😉 I have to say that I once again find myself in full agreement with you. I detest when something is judged by those who have never experienced. You cannot truly know without trying.
    While, I do not enjoy romance (I have been through many recommendations in attempt to connect) I find myself disgusted when others put down specific genres or fans of. It seems so unfair and a bit uneducated if we are being honest 😉 I often wonder if readers of romance are more passionate? Just something I think on.
    I had never thought enough about how the stigma surrounding this genre affects the authors. Brilliant!

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    1. Haha it should know by now not to interrupt me when I’m podcasting ;P
      Exactly! I’ve had all sorts of comments when I’ve told people I enjoy romance. From “that shit you read” to “So, fictional exotic porn?”. I once also had a so-called friend snatch a book out of my hand so he could send photos of the cover to his other friends to mock me and it’s like, how can you ridicule, criticize and be so damn nasty about something a) you know nothing about and b) somebody else harmlessly enjoys.
      I like to think we’re more passionate, but I also think being a romance reader inflates your expectations somewhat if I’m honest 😛 I read of uber sweet first dates, think to myself “Now that is what I need!” but then end up sitting by myself at a bar while my date throws up in the toilets continuously after one too many glasses of wine (true story!) Ah fictional guys are so much better 😛
      Thank you so much for listening! ❤ ❤

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