I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger as of late. Does anyone else get immense guilt weighing down upon them if they don’t post in a couple of days? Or is that just me being my usual over dramatic self? I’ve been quite busy with work lately so have been finding it difficult to both read and blog about said reads. I’m also sorry if I haven’t been commenting on posts as much at the moment.


I thought I’d give you all a few updates on life here at I swoon over fictional, non-human men HQ anyway.

  1. I’ve just started a new podcast series! It’s called ‘A Cup of Tea and a Chinwag with Jazz’ and each episode is essentially me rambling for ten minutes about some literature-themed issue or topic. Episode two is in the works and you can check out the first episode ‘What is poetry?’ here.
  2. I’m currently working on my first poetry anthology. It’s going to be called Sweet Oblivion (which I can’t say without putting on a ridiculous movie trailer voice) and is being published through Smashwords. The body of the book is finished, just some final editing and formatting to go. My friend, who’s an illustrator, is designing the front cover and I’m beyond excited to share the final book with you guys.