Jazz has a dilemma…please help!

2017, so far, has found me reading far more than paranormal romance. I’ve been reading regular romance, fantasy, horror etc…

…and now I feel like my blog’s name is a lie.

I’ve been considering changing it to simply ‘I swoon over fictional men’, perhaps with the tagline ‘Human and non-human alike’ but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it (not that ‘I swoon over fictional, non-human men’ rolls off the tongue, to be honest) and it seems a bit, well, bland? The ‘non-human men’ has made people laugh at least.

But I swoon over human men now too!

I’m overthinking this, I know. Help!

Me thinking of blog names

17 thoughts on “Jazz has a dilemma…please help!

  1. What about, ‘I swoon.’ Simple. Enigmatic.
    Or change it to whatever you’re thinking and just see if you like it after a couple of days. If not, try something else! Be fluid and experimental Jazzington! 😀

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  2. I agree with Reads & Reels. They are still men 😉 And your title is all encompassing. While I understand why you might be rethinking this one, I do enjoy the title and feel it sort of captures your spirit 😉 I also believe you could definitely come up with a new and just as fun title. I support you either way ❤ No help huh? haha sorry.

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    1. They are all men, aren’t they? For some reason my mind has been separating them into two separate categories these past ten months or so 😂 It sounds stupid but this has genuinely been a revelation. I looked at your comments and thought “Shit, they’re right. They ARE men!”
      I agree with you, though. I feel it embodies who I am! I think even if I changed the name I’d still refer to it by the original 😛 I’m 50/50 on this. I might have a play around with names this week, see how I like them and if I don’t, I’ll just stick with what I have 🙂

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  3. OMG I love the Golem meme! How about swooning over fictional men? Or something to do with book boyfriends. It’s a gender, all-encompassing, which would include non-human, Fae, supernatural, and whatever else might catch your fancy. Now, of course if there’s any women thrown in (I mean, according to Kinsey’s studies, most people are bi, or at least bi-curious), maybe just use swooning over fictional characters?

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    1. I’m thinking maybe ‘Swooning over fictional men’ or ‘I swoon over fictional men’. I do occasionally swoon over particularly bad ass female characters too, though, admittedly…so many choices! 😛 It’s my day off tomorrow so I might have a proper sit down and have a play around with some titles 😀

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  4. I actually giggle about the ‘fictional men’ thing, because I think it’s something a lot of us have in common, myself. It reminds me of an image i have in my goodreads pictures that reads, “Fantasize! You’re less likely to be disappointed.” 😀


  5. Haha, yeah, that’s a dilemma I know 😀 I am not reading a lot of ZOMBIE books, at the moment, although my blog is called ‘DRAGONS & ZOMBIES’ 😀 (i still like dystopian, zombie books, so i leave everything 🙂 )
    I swoon over imaginary men? 😀

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one facing the same issue 😛 Hmm I swoon over imaginary men makes it sound like they’re men I’ve created myself 😛 I think the ‘fictional’ needs to remain! Thanks for the insight, though 😀

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