Jazz’s top 5 overused tropes in horror fiction


I was feeling somewhat inspired today and decided to talk about overused tropes in horror fiction in my first solo podcast. Couple of things before (if, even) you listen, my apologies for the not-so-great sound quality and apologies if I speak a bit too fast in places…I was feeling a bit nervous.

Listen to six minutes of me rambling here.



9 thoughts on “Jazz’s top 5 overused tropes in horror fiction

  1. Great job! It was really good and you didn’t sound nervous at all. I’ve trying to think of a book where the summoned demon didn’t just started killing everybody… I feel like I’ve read one but it’s not coming to me..

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    1. Thank you! I was worried I was speaking too fast 😛 I think after pay day I might invest in a better mic too. If you remember the name of the book, please do tell me 😛

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    1. Those types of characters are probably the worst, to be honest. It’s not uncommon to find my screeching at my book or at the TV…”WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO THE DARK ATTIC ALONE?!”

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  2. Yeeeees! Loved your podcast! You should do it more often if you feel like it. The sound was good, don’t worry about it. And the characters that think it’s ok to go into the creepy dark garage or attic or whatever… get a brain! Or don’t because sometimes I have fun guessing their moves. LOL

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    1. Thank you so much for listening! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it 😀 I think I am going to do more, but I think I’m going to invest in a fancier mic come pay day (Friday!). I know! I think it frustrates me because it’s so predictable – “Oh you’re going to investigate the strange noises in the dark basement with a flickering flashlight? Well, you’re gonna be next to die!”

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