Mirakee (an app that’s kinda like Instagram, but for writers) set a challenge today; to write a 100 word story or a poem on the theme of war. I decided to share a piece I wrote in the wake of the November 2015 Paris attacks. The theme of my poem was the war on terror and how we can’t let terrorists divide us. At the time, innocent Muslims were being persecuted for the sick actions of a small minority, a minority who couldn’t even be classed as true Muslims. I felt my poem was relevant and I hoped that people reading it would be made to think twice before judging their Muslim neighbours or friends.

Sadly, my poem is still very much relevant. Daily, Muslims who are simply trying to go about their everyday lives find themselves victims of racial abuse, both verbal and physical. I wake up every day and switch on the news and ask “Where will it end?” Who knows? But we have to unite against the real enemy. I know that much.

The world is broken and diseased

And gods look on, silent yet aggrieved

Senseless violence creeps across the land

As humanity suffers at the human hand

Nations united in their pain and grief

As loved ones perish in the name of belief

But no faith teaches that hurt and hate

Are roads that lead to Heaven’s gates

No faith preaches that destruction and death

Should be caused before one’s final breath

And the individuals who claim otherwise

Are filled with poison and dangerous lies

These individuals are pitiful and weak

Their god’s praise is not what they seek

They merely seek a world built upon fear

A world that is bleak and without any cheer

A world that exists, yet is broken in soul

A world that is easier for them to control

Mourn for the dead and comfort the bereaved

And know that our defeat will not be achieved

Muslims and their faith are not the real foe

They’re but scapegoats who share in Earth’s woe

United, we are strong and we are tall

Divided, we will crumble and we will fall.