Where have we been

And where do we go?

As we emerge into this world,

Wailing in fear and confusion

Following that first shuddering breath

Do our parents ever gaze upon us

With eyes filled with love and ask

From where did our souls travel?

Do they wonder, as they hold us close,

Why we scream ’til we’re red in the face?

Do we scream because we’ve just died

Some place else, some place far away,

And are mourning the loss of those we have loved

As our souls are torn from a body now cold?

Minutes, days, months…hopefully years later

As our inner light fades before flickering out

And we take that final shuddering breath

Dimming the world for a fraction of a second

Do those we love gaze upon us

With love still in their eyes and ask

To where will our souls now travel?

Do they wonder, as we fight for a minute more,

Why we furiously resist the painfully inevitable?

Do we resist because we’re not ready to start again

When there’s still so much to be done here?

Do we eventually close our weary eyes

Only to open them some place else, some place far away?

Where have we been

And where do we go?


Following the passing of my great grandmother, I’ve found myself contemplating the mysteries surrounding death these past couple of weeks. I decided that since it’s World Poetry Day, I’d ease up some space in my mind and spill my thoughts out onto paper. Here’s a bit of free verse I wrote earlier today.

What are your thoughts on life after death?