Date nights with Rydstrom


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*reading back through my 7654 pages of notes detailing your impossible amount of dates* Sweet mother of God, gods, yep. Vampire princes, uh-huh. Dragon shifters? Hmm. I think so…but a king? Nope. Not had one of those yet.

And *sinks into a chair, my knees weak with lust* Not just any king. King Rydstrom, one half of the delectable duo that is the Woede *shudders* If you don’t want him at the end of the night, can you drop him off at my bedroom door? *slaps my own hand* Jazz. Get a bloody grip! 

Anyway, just a quick heads up; Rydstrom isn’t the sentimental type so don’t go into this date expecting flowers and candlelit dinners and all that shiz. Expect…well, definitely/probably expect:

  1. Heading on over to Erol’s, a Lore-exclusive New Orleans bar, for a few drinks. Expect a few dark looks from the ladies (and some of the guys, too)…Rydstrom is pretty much everyone’s fantasy incarnate.
  2. Rydstrom getting sick of the Lykae flirting with you and escorting you out to the parking lot.
  3. Nix stepping out from behind a car and approaching you guys, seemingly speaking in tongues as she looks to your future. It can be unnerving, but you get used to it. Most of the Lore have dubbed her ‘Nucking Futs Nix’ and she’s quite lovable once you get over the creepy ever knowing thing.
  4. Going for a long drive in Rydstom’s pride and joy, the Veyron. Yeah, Holly totaled the last one in Dark Desires After Dusk but hey, what can I say? He has a generous insurance provider.
  5. Deciding to do a bit of off-roading and go camping *yanks back the curtains and peeks outside* Perfect night for it *whistles* Just look at those stars!
  6. Rydstrom starting up a fire before pouring you a cup of demon brew (or sweet wine, he will have packed both into his car just in case – he’s quite the gentledemon, although he probably doesn’t like to admit it).
  7. Rydstrom leaving you for half an hour or so to go…hunting. The sight of a skinned animal carcass can be, ahem, rather unappealing so I’ve done you a packed lunch too.
  8. Hearing stories of Rydstrom’s days as king and the battles he fought.
  9. You deciding Rydstrom isn’t quite what you’re looking for in a guy.
  10. You giving Rydstrom my phone number and telling him I’m available all day, everyday.

Is that the purr of the Veyron’s engine I hear? *rushes to the fridge* Here’s your packed lunch. You like peanut butter, right? Also, take these spare bottles of Desperados. It’s beer…but sweet. Kinda like a compromise between demon brew and wine. See you later…I’ll be waiting up!

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