I enter the bedroom, unzipping my skirt as I kick the door closed with my foot. The skirt falls to the floor on a whisper of sound and I reach for the lamp’s dimmer switch, twisting it until the room is bathed in nothing more than a faint, warm glow.

“Hello,” I purr, stalking forwards, pulling my sweater over my head and throwing it on the laundry heap, “It’s been far too long.”

I lower myself slowly onto the bed and a sigh escapes my lips. Finally, we’re reunited. My body aches for this, my soul yearns. Yes, it has been far too long. Nearly sixteen hours since my bed and I parted ways, in fact. I glance at the bedside clock and smile as I think of the hours ahead, hours we’ll spend together…hours I’ll spend encased in the cosy sanctuary of pillows and blankets.



I love starting my day with a bit of flash fiction. It gets my day off to a somewhat productive start and gets the creativity flowing. How are you all doing on this not-so wondrous day? (Seriously, have you looked outside? Where did the warmth and sunshine of yesterday go!?) Any exciting plans for the weekend?