So, way back in December, I mentioned a trip to the hospital with my great grandmother. Unfortunately, despite the doctors deeming her fit to go home, she was readmitted in late January when both her mental and physical health began to deteriorate rapidly.

I won’t beat about the bush. She’s dying. She’s lying in a hospital bed, barely conscious, unable to wash or feed herself. Dementia is a cruel disease. It robs a person of their very essence…what makes them them. For those around them – their friends and family – it’s a slow bereavement. They witness the person they have known and loved for many years being chipped away, bit by precious bit.

My grandma will die and it breaks my heart to think of her suffering these past few years. So, like I always do when I’m sad, I decided to write a poem. They say if a writer loves you, you will become immortal, etched into their words and the minds of their readers forevermore. I wanted to immortalize my grandma and give her some of the dignity she so desperately deserves in her final days.


The sun is setting on my final day

As I watch in silence from where I lay

And this sinking sun, in all its glory

Will paint the final chapter in my story

A sky speckled in purples, pinks and blues

And my heart is light for this is my dying view.