Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, like me, you might be single…but that’s okay! Relationships aren’t the be all and end all and, to be quite honest, book boyfriends are ever so slightly better than the real thing. Trust me, it’s what you come to believe when you’ve been in as many bad relationships as yours truly πŸ˜‰ If you need further convincing, check out this post from a few months back. Anyway, I hope the below provides a laugh or two…lord knows what my neighbors must have thought if they saw me crouched outside my front door holding a book and a rose against the glass paneling.

Rydstrom (from the Immortals After Dark series) surprises JazzΒ 

“Was that…the doorbell? Strange, I’m not expecting anyone…”
“Is that…a book at the door? A book with a Valentine’sΒ rose?”
“A machine that creates a portal between the fictional realm and your world has yet to be created…so I have come to you in book form, my dear Jazz.”