*stands up on a random podium* Ahem, your attention, please!

This is my best friend, Stu. We’ve done a lot together. We went to uni together. We went to our Japan interviews together…hell, we even experienced actual Japan together. We’ve written musicals together (which, one sweet day, will most certainly see us becoming bigger than Andrew Lloyd Webber himself). We’ve done drunken karaoke together (although the drunken part was mostly down to me). In short, we’ve been through a lot, me and him. Like I said, he’s my best friend (and a very handsome fella – look at those pictures! This mini photo shoot occurred outside my Japanese apartment).

Not only is my best friend, though, he’s an incredibly talented guy and this is why I would like to share his blog with you all. Stu returned to the WP realm not so long ago but has wasted no time in becoming an active blogger whose humor, wit and intelligence shines through in everything he writes. He writes flash fiction (click here to check out his latest story), gaming reviews and comedy pieces (the latter of which have me literally wheezing with laughter – here’s a link to one of my favorites!)

Check out his blog and please offer him a warm welcome to WordPress!

Follow this link: https://pookykun.wordpress.com/



5 thoughts on “*stands up on a random podium* Ahem, your attention, please!

    1. He’s amazing with video games! They’re not something I grew up with, but over the past two years he’s been teaching me how to play things like Resident Evil and Silent Hill 😀

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