Do you find the evolution of book covers as fascinating as I do?

While scouring the ol’ net to find some pre-loved editions of Kresley Cole’s books, I stumbled upon some rather…interesting covers. Covers that were terrible and didn’t do justice to the incredible stories encased within them. Ahem *clears throat and pulls out a flip chart from behind my back* Presenting example A…


This was Wicked Deed’s on a Winter’s Night’s first front cover. Like, what the actual hell is going on here? This literally looks like some sort of assault, with Bowen grappling with Mari like he’s trying to simultaneously break her neck and wrench her arm off…


Then it morphed into this…half an image of a man with delightfully kissable lips. I love this cover, though! It’s so simple, yet it exudes an air of mystery and lures a reader in.


Wicked Deed’s on a Winter’s Night’s latest incarnation. I like it but…why does Bowen look so confused? This cover does something that the others don’t, though; it shows the cover model staring directly at the prospective reader (in fact, if you move, his eyes even seem to follow you ever so slightly). I think this is an awesome technique. It’s…arresting. You might walk past it in a bookstore and think “Oh, hey. Who’s that luscious, handsome fella staring at me?” and go over to investigate. But like I said before, it’s the confusion lacing his look that amuses me. It’s like he’s gone for the cover shoot and suddenly can’t remember if he locked the front door that morning. Still, a confused Bowen is better than a shaggy-haired, murderous Bowen.

*flips paper over* Example B…


Nothing inherently wrong with A Hunger Like No Other’s first cover. I mean, Emma’s hair is glorious. But what’s Lachlain doing? *cups hands and shouts so loud I can be heard in every fictional universe* Oi, Lachlain! What d’ya think you’re doing, pal? Who’s the vampire here!?


What is with these camera shy cover models? I adore this cover, though. If my memory serves me correct, it’s the first cover in the Immortals After Dark series featuring a woman on her own (please correct me if I’m wrong). There’s a trend in paranormal romance to have bare-chested, over-muscled men gracing the covers. It’s always refreshing to see something a bit different. Oh and I need to know what lipstick that is.


This cover model channels Lachlain perfectly. Smoldering yet intense I-will-destroy-you-and-everything-and-everyone-you-love death glare? *nods head* Uh-huh, check. A slight frown, like he can’t quite believe just how pathetic and weak we all are? Yup, double check.

Which of your favorite books have undergone an epic cover evolution?  Let me know in the comments!